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The art of playing the violin took me to amazing places all over the beautiful Earth, places that have their own spirit. Then, one day I noticed that if I look beyond the appearances, this soul will spontaneously reveal itself to me and my camera. Photography is contemplation, painting and music, all at the same time.

Creating photography is only possible by layering colour upon colour, each subtly blending into the next and this melding of colours resembles the way harmony works in music, notes are layered on top of each other.

Photography, the art descended from painting, gives us the ephemeral frost of time and light, the contemplation of the remnants of existence, the traces of the bodies wounded or without life, the relics of feelings that quiver us under a prehistoric sun.

I believe in photography as art brought from other worlds and given to us to mirror the being called creation.

About me? First touched a violin at 6, wrote my first poem at 11 took my first photo at 12 and since then my photos have appeared in exhibitions and magazines. My photos depict in a fauvist way a world with and without borders.



9th Generation Fotopoetica

January 2016

Carturesti Verona, Bucharest

9th Generation Fotopoetica

May 2016

Carturesti Verona, Bucharest

Yokoso Japan (Welcome to Japan)

May 2012

Odeon Studio Gallery, Bucharest



October 2005

The Cultural Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Bucharest

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